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My objective is to incorporate elements from nature, within precious metals,  to create distinctive and beautiful designs.

My background is in the study of the Environment (B.Sc. in Environmental Studies from the University of Alberta in 1994). I combine my Environmental awareness with formal studies of the Jewelry Trade (Jewelry Art & Design, Vancouver Community College 1996).

My work has gained a reputation within the Arts Community through Juried Exhibitions. Such as: “Adorn & Protect” The Works Arts Festival, Edmonton, Alberta. “Love, Promise, Faith: “Artists Re-imagine the Ring”, Metalurge Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. “Format To Facet: Body Ornament West

Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta. “Celebrate Craft and Craft Year 2007”, Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s.

I’m intrigued by the textures found in our Natural Environment and I strive to incorporate this in my designs.

Plants have adapted methods of survival such that each season brings change in color, form and structure.   Changes, like the colors of fall or the blooms of spring, are easily appreciated from a distance. From another perspective, under a microscope the forms are exquisite. The structure of a new leaf, stems, or flower petal; it’s a whole new world!  There is a magnificent foundation, an inner beauty, enhancing the composition we see from afar.

When working with precious metals; I’ve found that it is much like Sculpture, both arts explore structure, form and texture.

Once I have an idea I click on a mental thought process; okay how do I transform this into something tangible?

Designs often go through many transformations; sometimes taking months before the piece is the way I want it. The easy part is visualizing an idea; I see the piece in my mind before I create it. The hard part is the hands on development of the piece given the restrictions of the material that I’m working with. Gold and Silver are somewhat fluid material but as it is worked, tension increases between molecule bonds.  I’m constantly tuned into the sound, color and feel of the material as tension increases within the metal.  

Working with precious metals and stones involves a constant focus and utilizes all of the senses.  Nevertheless, I often find myself working on projects for hours, never noticing the time go by.

It's extremely addictive.

I hope you enjoy my work!

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The Argentium formula for Silver contains slightly more fine silver than standard sterling and has a small amount of germanium in addition to copper.

Argentium is tarnish resistant, because the germanium atoms continually migrate the surface and, when exposed to oxygen, form a germanium oxide surface layer that is transparent.

I Use a Refined Type of Sterling Silver, called Argentium Silver, in my Designs.

Video about Argentium Silver